Revo Uninstaller Portable

Revo Uninstaller Portable 1.94

Remove any unwanted application installed on your PC


  • No installation required
  • Includes embedded search engine
  • Scans hard drive and registry for leftovers


  • Doesn't display percentage when scanning for junk files


Revo Uninstaller has been made portable. Well, maybe not exactly. The developers of the original app have created a new Revo Uninstaller Portable version, which means that it can be saved to your USB memory device and run directly run from there, as it doesn't require installation.

Don’t think that this new Revo Uninstaller Portable is a lesser version just because of this portability feature. On the contrary, it includes the same array of tools to keep your system perfectly clean and healthy. With Revo Uninstaller Portable you'll be able to remove any software from your PC, erasing all possible traces left behind it. What's more,Revo Uninstaller Portable includes some handy tools to clean web browsing traces, erase junk files, check what programs are set to launch with Windows and more.

The original Revo Uninstaller Portable is already one of those must-have apps that help you perform the necessary cleaning tasks in no time. This Portable version is even better, because you can take it with you and use it any time you need it. In fact, I could only find one small bug: I missed having a progress bar when scanning the system for junk files.

Revo Uninstaller Portable cleans junk files and optimizes your system's performance the easy way.

Fixed minor bugs Updated language files


  • Fixed minor bugs Updated language files
Revo Uninstaller Portable


Revo Uninstaller Portable 1.94

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